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Hire Talented  Bilingual Students

We Got You Covered

We have a plethora of highly motivated bilingual students eager to begin their internship journey.


All of our students have global backgrounds attending prestigious universities.

Why Choose UpNext?

We're Also Students!

Only 3% of students participate in long-term internships in Japan

Only 2% of students are bilignual in Japan

We have connections to a large community of bilingual students that are interested in an internship because we are just like them!

Hassle Free Process

Hiring process can be stressful especially while managing your own tasks

Let us do the heavy lifting!

WE will find a suitable candidate that meets your requirements YOU will be able to save your valuable time

Selective Filtering

Our pool of students will be filtered by

Language proficiencySkillsetsMotivation


We have a meeting with each student to efficiently provide you the perfect student that you are looking for.

Guaranteed Match

The first candidate may not be the one.

For this reason, we will continue to introduce you to potential candidates until you find the prefect student.


Want more information?

Schedule a meeting with us

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